Penchal Reddy


Penchal is an Indian business magnate and investor. He is a technology entrepreneur who has played a key role in the growth of IT Industry as the founder and CEO of Pen Groups, a software development and later of a wide variety of product development for Enterprise & Business needs. Under his guidance, Pen Groups became the largest retailer on the World Wide Web and a top model for IT Industry.

He spends most of his time on strategy, supervising performance and risks, dealing with building the strength of Team

Strategy — thinking, researching, consulting, defining and communicating the future for the company. The structures he used for this were unremarkable — where to compete, how to compete and what strengths to develop (particularly people and culture) — because he felt team effectiveness in implementing all that stuff was much more important than any particular framework or methodology.

Supervising performance and risks—normal and regular business reviews, major project reviews and dealing with the inevitable crises and unexpected events. Over time, this proportion fell, because after 6 months or so he had established a wonderful team of people who did this stuff very well.

Dealing with building the strength of Team evangelizing (and hopefully personally demonstrating)  Pen culture, recruiting, taking the temperature of the mood of the people, consulting with HR Director (my closest executive team member), succession planning, presenting to groups at every level on development programmers, and thinking and researching what made people in Pen business effective and successful (most important conclusion; be clear what you expect of people, equip them, and then bugger off out of their way - very important message for policy loving central functions). This time proportion grew, justifiably.


The remaining time in dealing with important stakeholders - mainly shareholders, but also government, key suppliers etc - and non-productive guff . Clearly, any person at work wants to avoid time wasters, but Penchal is probably afflicted by more than most by people who want to come and sell their latest idea, from investment bankers to industry lobbying groups.


He always aims to have a clear desk - seriously. He feels that he is the only person in the organization with the heavy responsibility to ensure the long term survival of the enterprise. He never thinks about that with a full email inbox and a desk covered with papers. He was obsessive about clearing his inbox to zero each night, mainly by ignoring or giving one word answers to people who were seeking cover (people learn and it stops after a while). As CEO, he responds instantaneously and makes his team to get on and doing things instantaneously.He always use to say “If you do your job properly you will work every waking hour, and need to be disciplined about keeping your body and mind healthy”


He is Simple, nice and always Smile. He is very, very accessible and Wanders around purposefully. He will pick up what's really going on, what people are really worried about, and then he will add value to the decisions of his team are grappling with. He shows people that the front line is the most important, not the head offices or support centres or whatever name you give them.When people in Pen Groups complain about something or other being broken such as the expense reporting process, he would joke that it was all his fault. The joke was funny, because it wasn’t really a joke. He feels that every problem in the company was indeed him fault. As the founding CEO, every hire and every decision that the company ever made happened under his direction. Unlike a hired gun that comes in and blames all of the problems on the prior regime, there was literally nobody for him to blame.

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Penchal-CEO of Pen Groups

Coming to his personal life, Penchal is still single.Recently, one of his girl friend got married with some one.He always keeps him self busy with work.


Penchal has his own private Aircraft & Mercedes Benz SLK-Class.Penchal never waste time for parties and girl friends.He didn't even celebrate his 22nd and 23rd birthday.He is a food lover and loves travelling lot.While operating branches in India, he use to have breakfast in Bangalore,Lunch in Pune and dinner at Chennai.He loves playing with small children.Recently, he transferred all his property to Singapore and London.His mother got angry and stopped taking with him because he is not spending much time for her.Recently he got his 100th credit card.